Rainy Days!

March 17, 2018
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Following on from the “Beast from the East”, here at Ickle Pickles Day Nursery we are looking forward to the springtime weather that keeps promising to bloom! However, as ever, we also prepare ourselves for those Springtime showers too. We don’t let those April showers keep us indoors, and nor should you – here are some fun ideas to grab your coats and wellies and get your children learning in the wet weather:

Puddle Jumping

Nothing beats jumping in real, muddy puddles! This is a wonderful opportunity to develop those physical skills as well as mathematical understanding. Can you hop on one foot? Who can find the biggest puddle? Don’t forget to keep introducing those words, especially onomatopoeic ones that are ideal in this scenario – “splash” and “splosh”! You can even play “Musical Puddles”!

Cloud in a Jar

Use the opportunity in the great outdoors to look up at the clouds and talk about where rain comes from, then you can take the learning indoors and make a Cloud in a Jar! Fill a jar with water, leaving around 4cm at the top to spray shaving foam on top. Squirt a few drops of food colouring onto the “cloud” and watch the colours drip through like rain.

Painting in the Rain

Get some powder paints / ground up chalk and throw them outside! Let the children use brushes and brooms to push the paint around, watching the colours mix together. And to top off the fun – use some soapy water at the end to clean it all up!

Rainy days are wonderful times for children explore, discover and start to understand more about how things can change. And if all else fails, what could be more fun than opening your umbrellas, spinning, twirling and dancing, just like Singing in the Rain?!

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